Welcome Everyone!! My name is Annice Crowder and I’m a wife, a mother of 3, a lover of design, an apprentice in building, and, most importantly, a child of God! My family is the reason for EVERYTHING I do! They push me to be a better person and can also, push me right into a bottle of wine!! (I know all the moms out there feel me, right?) I have an AMAZING husband, Clint, who I could not imagine my life with out. God has blessed me and now I am choosing to be His light into the world. I found my passion late in life. After the death of my parents I found things to do to take my mind off the pain I was feeling. I started going to garage sales, flea markets, and yes, looking in dumpsters for old furniture that I could give a new life. From there it has grown into learning how to build furniture from scratch. Everything I have learned has been from the internet, my father-in-law (Thanks, Randy Crowder), or trial and error, and let me say, there has been WAY MORE error than anything else!! Although I want to rip my hair out somedays on a project, once I am done, and able to see the final product, it is SO REWARDING! It kept me coming back to try new things and push myself even further. Now I can not get enough of all things in building and interior design. My goal for this blog is to help anyone who wants to try something new. I will be teaching things I have learned, showing some of my home renovations, diy’s, and some fun ways to decorate your home! My hope is that you come here to relax, have fun, and maybe learn something new. Wishing you the best, Annice

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