Fall Decor DIY

Hello again!! So happy came back! I hope you loved yesterdays DIY because today we have another Fall Decor DIY!! Woohoo!! For Day 2 of Fall Decor DIY week, we are making a SUPER EASY and cute Twig Pumpkin. This little gem came from KariAnne Wood at thistlewoodfarms.com

So lets get on to the fun!!!

Fall Decor DIY – Step One

Find your Backdrop- You can use almost anything for yours. I found mine at Wal-mart, in the craft section, for around $5. You can use a tray you have around your house or an old picture frame. By removing the glass and adding a piece of scrapbook paper, with a design you love, would be a gorgeous way to reinvent this diy.

Fall Decor DIY – Step Two

Find your twigs- For me this was an EXTREMELY easy task! I have a ton of trees in my yard so I did not have to walk to far to find a collection of twigs. Keep in mind that finding twigs that are straighter are easier to work with. For the entire pumpkin I used about 46 twigs. Once you bring them inside I HIGHLY suggest baking them in your stove at 200 degrees for around 15 minutes. Why you may ask? This kills any creepy crawlies from living on your diy. Yuck!

Fall Decor DIY – Step Three

Shape your Pumpkin and get to Cuttin- (I know my Texas accent came out there!) Anyhow, you can draw the shape of the pumpkin you want or just free hand it like me. I started in the middle and had 9 twigs that are the same size. If you have pruning sheers use those to cut your twigs, it made life so much easier! Then I started adding twigs to each side, working back and forth, and making them slightly smaller as I go. If you hold your twigs together and make sure they are the same size, this will ensure your pumpkin is not lopsided.

Fall Decor DIY – Step Four

Measure and Start Gluing- Find the center of your backdrop and start gluing the first twig there. Then glue from side to side. Last add your stem. When collecting your twigs find one that is thicker in diameter to use for the stem.

Fall Decor DIY – Step Five

Yep do it Again- When I was done with the first layer I did not like how you can still see the white coming through from the backdrop. So I went out and found more twigs and layered them in where there were holes. It gave it a richer texture and I’m so glad I did that extra step!

There you have it!! A super inexpensive, but EXTREMELY adorable fall diy.

This is Day 2 of a week of Fall Day’s. If you missed yesterday you can find it below.

As always thanks for stopping by! Feel free to leave me a comment and you can keep up to date with everything I am doing by leaving your email down below!

-God Bless, Annice

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Woohoo! Let the Fun Begin!

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LET’S STAY CONNECTED! Leave your email below, to keep up with what I’m working on. I promise, I will NOT spam you!

Woohoo! Let the Fun Begin!
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