Easy Fall Farmhouse Tablescape

Easy Fall Farmhouse Tablescape

It’s day 3, can you BELIEVE it??!! Today, I will show you how to create an easy fall farmhouse tablescape that is beautiful for any table. We have all seen pictures in magazines of gorgeous tables for the holiday season. Most of us think there is NO WAY we could ever do that in our own home, but I’m here to tell you, YOU CAN!! This was easy and, yes, inexpensive. Those might be my favorite words in the English language! LOL!

Fall Farmhouse Tablescape Step One

The Pumpkins- Most of my pumpkins I found at the Dollar Tree. The 2 larger ones I purchased at Walmart for around $6 a pumpkin. You want to find pumpkin’s that are different sizes and shapes. This will add interest to the overall design of your table.

Fall Farmhouse Tablescape Step Two

Define your Colors- When looking at the colors you want to use for the season, make sure you stick to the same color family. Choosing different shades within the same family will give you a cohesive look. You can use acrylic paint, but I chose chalk paint simply because I like the matte finish it gives.

Fall Farmhouse Tablescape Step Three

Get to Painting- On all the pumpkins start with your base coat. I decided to go with Waverly’s Ivory in a matte finish. This will help keep the orange from coming through as you paint. I then decided on which pumpkins I would leave ivory and which ones I would use the other 2 colors on. Note** I have learned with chalk paint you will end up doing 3 coats on everything, but it looks GREAT when it’s done. I painted 3 pumpkins Waverly’s Celery in matte and 2 pumpkins Waverly’s Moss in matte. On one of the small celery pumpkins I used a brush with VERY little moss paint and dabbed it on the ridges. It gave it a different effect and made it look like it had actual moss growing on the pumpkin.

Fall Farmhouse Tablescape Step Four

Set your Table- I found some eucalyptus and babies breath stems at Walmart for about $2.50 a piece. I sat those in a white basket so that they will be hanging over and visible from every side of the table. Then I played around with where I wanted the pumpkins. When placing items make sure you use staggering heights and different angles. This will make it appealing to the eye of your guests. Last set your table.

See I said that wasn’t to hard! When you have beautiful colors and add greenery it helps to make whatever you look at more appealing. As always thanks for stopping by!

-God Bless

Woohoo! Let the Fun Begin!

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