The Scent of Fall

The Scent of Fall

So our fall decor diy week is winding down. Today is all about the one sense that can take our mind to a certain time in our past. The sense of smell can evoke so many memories and helps to make new ones, as well. So let me show you another easy diy that can help your home smell amazing!!

Step One

Find your container- I chose to use some spice containers that were almost empty. They were the size I wanted and I didn’t have to spend any money on them! SCORE!! You can choose any type container you would like for your home. You could use a mason jar or maybe a glass salt and pepper shaker. That would be really cute!

Step Two

Flip your lid- Yep you heard me right! I had 2 lids that had a complete opening and 1 with holes already in it. All three of the lids had flip tops, so, after you flip your lid, cut it off!! I know, I’m a nerd! Moving on…

Step Three

Get Scrappy- For the lids that had a complete opening I cut circles out of scrapbook paper that I already had at my house. We will talk about how you will allow the smell to come through in a bit.

Step Four

Paint your lids- I used some of the paints from the Fall Table scape we did yesterday. I chose to paint one container in the colors I used to decorate or fall. The other two containers I did something different so I can use them all year long. The jute rope was easy to do by simply using hot glue and wrapping it around until you get to the top. The last one, I found wasabi tape that had a fun print and, similar to the jute, I wrapped it around the container. Not to hard, right?

Step Five

Place, Puncture, Perfection- Once the lids are dry place your paper inside the lid and add some glue to hold it secure. Once that is set use a thumbtack and poke about 4-5 holes to allow the aroma to come through.

Step Six

Baking Soda and oil- We all know how great baking soda is to help neutralize smells. Now we get the BEST of both worlds, by adding a scent to the powder, not only will it help take away bad smells but also add an AMAZING one, as well. I used a cinnamon oil, which always makes me think of fall. Can you already smell what your scent would be?

Thats all there is to it. I think this a cute and simple way to add a wonderful aroma to anyones home! Make sure you tune in tomorrow because it’s going to be AWESOME!!!!!

God Bless-

Woohoo! Let the Fun Begin!

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