Diy Pumpkin Vase

Hello friends!! Who’s ready for this years, first fall home decor diy? Me too!! The start of fall is the start of my favorite time of the year. I love everything about it. From the cooler temperature, to breaking out the fall sweaters and jackets, to Christmas coming around the corner, I look forward to it every year! Now, enough about how much I love fall, let us dive into how to make a pumpkin vase.

Diy Pumpkin Vase – Step One

The first step is to cut the stem out of the pumpkin. I am using a drywall knife to cut mine, but any knife with a serrated edge will do. Simply plunge the knife into the pumpkin at the edge of the stem. Then start cutting by moving the knife up and down, and slowly turning the pumpkin at the same time. Once you go all the way around, take the stem off and toss it in the trash.

Diy Pumpkin Vase – Step Two

I looked all around to find a white pumpkin, but apparently those go first. Who knew? I did, and I should have known, but with the power of paint this gold pumpkin will become white. I’m using a primer from Rust-oleum before the paint because it will help the paint stick to the weird texture of this pumpkin. When I use spray paint, I like to go in a horizontal pattern around the pumpkin for the first pass. Then, once that is dry I will spray in a vertical pattern for the second pass. This helps ensure that the pumpkin is covered completely and you will not see lines with this either. Once the primer was done then I painted two coats of Rust-oleum Flat Protective Enamel in white. You do not need an enamel paint for this project. I had this on hand and it was white, so thats why I went with this. Ta-Da!! Look at that beautiful white pumpkin!! A can of spray paint can change everything!

Diy Pumpkin Vase – Step Three

Out with the old stem and in with the upgraded stems. It’s time to find what you want to put your pumpkin vase. It could be faux greenery, pampas grass, I found my stems at Wal-Mart. They were inexpensive and pretty. Arrange them so they are full and flowing out over the pumpkin for maximum effect.

Diy Pumpkin Vase – Step Four (The Surprise)

WAIT!!! Did you think that was the end? No way! This diy is what us Texans call a 2-fer! This pumpkin vase can be filled with beautiful flowers for fall, but when Halloween comes, turn it around to reveal a cute pumpkin face.

I used my silhouette studio to cut out the face on adhesive vinyl. If you do not have something like this, you can use a stencil and paint, or draw a face directly on the pumpkin with a sharpie. I decided to grab some branches that had fallen from my tree outside. I thought plain branches were boring, so in comes the spray paint. Of course, I went with Rust-oleum 2X Ultra Cover spray paint, in black. Before I sprayed them I cleaned the branches up with a soft wire brush. Then I gave them a couple of coats of paint and let them dry.

Once they were dry, I brought them inside and arranged them in the pumpkin. Added some battery operated lights for effect and I’m ready for Halloween!! This was a fun an easy diy. If you give this a try, tag me in it! I love seeing your creations!! Happy Diying!!

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Woohoo! Let the Fun Begin!

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LET’S STAY CONNECTED! Leave your email below, to keep up with what I’m working on. I promise, I will NOT spam you!

Woohoo! Let the Fun Begin!
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