How to do home renovations on one income

Hey ya’ll, Annice here, back again for another post and this is one that I get asked about a lot! So many people have asked how we manage home renovations on a one income budget, and I will say off the bat, that it’s not easy, but it’s doable. Over the years I have found ways to cut corners and learned to think outside the box to fund a room renovation. So keep reading for the how-to, and to see what I’m going to try this year to earn some income to support my renovation obsession.

The Equation

The number one motto I live by on one income is less money + more labor = home renovation. I don’t ever buy the top of the line materials for building or decorating. When I’m looking at wood for an accent wall or to build built-ins, I buy the mid-level material. Why? Well, its less expensive and can be just as nice as the top of the line when it’s done. I will buy three quarter inch plywood that is sanded on one side at $55 compared to the same thickness except it’s birch plywood at $90. With the sanded ply I will have to use wood filler to fill some holes and gouges and sand it more to get a smooth finish, but I don’t mind. This is what I love to do, ok, maybe not sanding, but you understand. Plus, the labor is free and it’s saving me about $35 for every plywood sheet I need. So, the next time you are buying materials remember the above equation and save yourself some money!!

Save, Save, Save

The next way I am able to do home renovations on one income is to save it all! By all, I mean, all my wood scraps, every random screw, anything that I may be able to use again. I can not tell you how many times this has saved me from having to go buy another box of screws or a bottle of caulk. Because I saved the last bottle although it was almost out, it had enough in it for the project I needed it for. Keeping everything organized really helps with this, as well. It allows me to see what I have and know what I need. That way I’m not wasting time or money when I’m making a list of what to buy at the hardware store. I knew the fact that I can be obsessive about things would come in handy! LOL.

Bargain Shop

Now that we have gone through the things to build with, we have to talk about the things to make it pretty when it’s all done. I am a true bargain shopper. I love to find a good sale and truth be told, I have a very hard time buying anything for full price. So, my home decor decorations will not be coming from a big named store, unless you consider Goodwill a big name. I find most things there or thrift shopping. It’s great because not only do you get the item super cheap, but if you don’t like the way it looks you can paint it and it’s brand new to you. I have taken so many glass vases and painted them to look like old world pottery. Most people would think I spent a fortune on them, but little do they know it was more like $2. Also, I love to shop at discount stores like T.J. Maxx, Home Goods, and Marshalls to name a few. You can find the name brand stuff for extreme discounts, especially if you shop online.

Something New

I told you there is something new I’m going to try and this is it, furniture flipping. Well, I have flipped furniture before but have never sold it. I actually got started on my home renovation journey by learning on furniture first. I’m not sure how this is going to go, but I will keep you in the loop on here and on Instagram. It would be nice to fund my entire project by selling furniture that I flipped, but only time will tell if that will come to fruition. So, keep following along and don’t miss out on the next post by signing up to subscribe to my blog below.

Wishing you the best, Annice

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