Building A Strong Foundation

Today we celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary. Clint and I have been through a lot during those twelve years, but I would not trade him for the world! We are raising 3 BEAUTIFUL children and live next door to family. Some would look sideways at me when I said we live next to my in-laws, but I always quickly shut them down, and say how it is a blessing to be near them. To understand that, you must understand how our marriage is built.

When I was thinking of a name for my blog, I went through many with no luck. Then, Building the Crowder’s, came to me. It was everything in three little words. It incorporated my love of building but more importantly, it shows we are focused on building our marriage and family to be better than the day before. In order to achieve that it HAS to start with a good foundation.

Our First Date

The night we met, I knew Clint was going to be different. First, when were going to exchange phone numbers he handed me a business card. Yes, you read that right, a business card! Lol. Of course, I had to make fun of him, but he was not discouraged by my snarky comments. And I’m so happy he wasn’t! Later that night, when I was home, I pulled out his card and that’s when I saw what would change my life. Under his name was 3 bible verses, Proverbs 16:3, Jeremiah 29:11, and Phillippians 4:13. This almost seemed like greek to me, but something told me to “lean in” to this relationship (Now I know that was God encouraging me to trust Him). I was not raised in the church, except holidays. My dad’s only day off from work was Sunday, and he was not getting up for church. Clint was the first man to ever read scriptures to me. He showed be what I had been missing, the place to go when I’m happy and when my world falls apart. Learning about God and his grace has given me a strength that I never knew I had. Years later, when my parents died, His strength is the ONLY thing that helped me through. That is how I knew that God had a plan for me that was greater than I could imagine. It all started with meeting a man, that I wasn’t looking for, a man that didn’t scare easily, and a man that already had a foundation that I needed so badly.

Fast forward 12 years and here we are, living next door to the 2 people that raised him with Gods word. The people that now teach our children about God’s love. Cody, Cali, and Cooper know the Bible better than I do, and I have my in-laws to thank for that! So now you can understand why I said it is a BLESSING to live next to them!

Clint and I believe if you put God first in your marriage and family you will always win. One day our kids may stray away from Him. Since the foundation has been cultivated in them, when times become tough, they will know where to go to heal. We don’t pretend to have all the answers, but since both of us have been married before, and God was nowhere in those relationships, it’s easy to see why we are going strong!

Clint Crowder, you are my love, my best friend, and the partner God put on this earth for me! You make laugh, help me to stay calm, and push me out of my comfort zone. You have given me 3 AMAZING children! Most of all, you have given me the best gift, knowing the love that transcends all, God’s love! I am GRATEFUL to be your wife!

I love you now and forever-

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LET’S STAY CONNECTED! Leave your email below, to keep up with what I’m working on. I promise, I will NOT spam you!

Woohoo! Let the Fun Begin!
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