5 Ways to Start your New Year off right

Picture of a beach with 2023 written in the sand

Hey y’all!!! I can’t believe it’s 2023! I hope everyone had a great and safe new year! So here’s the question that I bet everyone has been asking you, what’s your New Year’s resolution? Well, I’m going to tell a secret, I hate resolutions! I think it’s because, I have never really, been good at keeping them. Besides, that’s not how I like to start my new year of right! I think it’s a perfect time to take stock of where you are in your life, and where you want to be. I find that doing these five things set me up both, physically and mentally, to start the new year off with a BANG!

Step One: Clean out

Picture of a white closet cabinet with clothes falling out the one opened door

Time to clean out the cabinets! This seems easy, but it can be a difficult task for some. Determine if it’s something you have used in the past 6 months if not, toss it out. Is it expired? Is it falling apart? You get the idea. The point is, that wether you realize it or not, the things we hold on to can cause a mental heaviness. I promise, if you allow yourself to release the things you hold onto, you will feel lighter and less bogged down. Try it and let me know! Plus, there are a lot of people who could truly use the things that you are holding onto. I don’t know about you but helping others always gives me the warm fuzzy inside and its the perfect feeling to have to start the new year off right. I will take warm fuzzies over things I don’t really need any day!

Step two: Organize

Picture of an organized cabinet with different foods in mason jar containers and tupperware containers

Now what do we do with the things we are keeping? Organize it, of course! I like to take what I’m keeping and put it into categories. So if you are in the bathroom, I would put all the lotions together and then anything that is skincare related would also be put in a group. If I’m in the kitchen, putting all my spice’s together and then any oils I may need. You could, also, have sub-catagories in this process, as well. Just don’t make it too complicated, this is meant to be a soothing and easy process. Also, I put everything into a catagory, BEFORE I look for something to house the products. Why? If you buy the beautiful baskets and containers before you know what you need, then you will, most likely, have either not bought enough of them or too many. They could also be the wrong shape for the space where they will be stored. Now, you have spent too much money on things you don’t need and thats, definitely, not the way to start the year off right! Here’s another secret, I may or may not have done this before!

Picture of an organized closet with towels folded neatly in a row

Step Three: set your goals

Picture of a green typewritter with a piece of paper coming out of it with the word GOALS on it

Are you a goal setter? I am! I find it helps to focus my thoughts on what is really important to me. The one thing I have changed over the years is to make sure to ask myself, “What is the intention behind this goal?” Knowing what is driving the goal helps me to realize if it is for the betterment of me or is it something that is a good goal, but may need to be refined some more. I like to narrow my goals down so there is no confusion on what I’m trying to accomplish, for the new year.

Step Four: Vision board

Picture of my vision board with the goals I have for my self this year

Once I’m clear on my goals, then I can create my vision board. This is the key to accomplishing all the things I want in this new year. Did you know, that, “76% of small business owners who’ve used vision boards and images to create their companies say their businesses are where they envisioned them,” according to score.org. WOW!! Thats pretty incredible! I created mine this year digitally, using Canva. Mainly, because I didn’t have enough magazines to do a physically one. I actually liked it better because I had more picture possibilities than what the magazines may offer. My number one advice to you, is once you have completed your board for the new year, hang it somewhere you will see it everyday. I decided to hang mine at the top of my mirror in the bathroom. This is wear I get dressed everyday and I will see it and be reminded why I’m working so hard!!

Step Five: Give it a try

Picture of me standing in front of an unpainted shiplap wall holding a brad nailer.

This step is the best thing I could give you. Which is permission. Permission to do the one thing that you have put off, or not tried because of fear, not enough time, or whatever the reason may be. Mine was Diy and now, it is time to take care of you! So, I urge you to find something that is just for you this year! It should be something that brings you joy and purpose. So, many times we forget to do something for ourselves because of the endless to do lists we have, but no more! This is the way you will start the new year off right and keep it that way all year long!!

I would love to know if you give any of this a try! If you do leave me a comment and let me know. Or maybe you have something else that works for you, if so, I would love to know that too!! I hope this new year brings you everything you want and life full of joy!

Wishing you the best, Annice

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LET’S STAY CONNECTED! Leave your email below, to keep up with what I’m working on. I promise, I will NOT spam you!

Woohoo! Let the Fun Begin!
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